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General Questions

Q: Who is the owner of Free Advertisment Listings?
A: syed1994 is the owner of FAL.

Q: Why is Free Advertisment Listings free of charge?
A: To minimize the amount of money spent in a company on advertising.

Advertisments FAQ

Advertising Questions


Q: How do I advertise in FAL?
A: Easy, just go to the talk page of the category you want to list.

Q: Is there any limit to the size of the advertisment?
A: To get started, we will give you only 3 lines to advertise. You can increase the size by becoming a regular advertiser.

Q: Is there a day limit for ads?
A: Yes, for starters, it is 3 days. You can expand the day limit by becoming a regular advertiser.


Q: Is there any restrictions to the advertisment?
A: Yes. No advertisment should be from a loan company (needs approval), fake ads and copyrighted items. Everything else is fine.

Q: If I want to advertise my own MP3's or any copyright items that are created by me, how do I?
A: Just follow the method to advertise. We will check the item to see if it is created by you.

Advertisers Ranks

Q: What are the advertisers ranks?
A: See Rankings

Directory FAQ

Submitting Question


Q: How do I submit my info/website onto the directory? A: Easy, just go to the talk page of the category you want to submit.

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