Free Animals is a movie.


This movie is directed by Roc. Morton, the Bear  and Jeff the Amfibian Frog go back in time to stop people from killing animals. The movie's plot is simmilar to both  Open Season and Free Birds. The open season charectars do'nt apper but the same exact events occur in this movie.


Morton is rejected by bullies because he chose to be good. He meets Jeff the Amfibian Frog. Together the two of them  travel from June 2013 to January 1st, 2010. They tell animals they came to the past to stop people from killing animals. Morton sets up the first step of stopping the hgumans from killing animals. They hide first. Another step is that they put glue on the humans. A human (played by Chop dr. Deana) tries to go and kill Jack. He aims a balloon with with white mold in it on the human's face', nose and lips1 out 5 times. The human then falls to the  ground. Morton and Jeff prepare to go to their time (the future). Floopity reminds them that they help'd both her and her friends. Morton and Jeff bring the rest of the crew to the future with them. They discover the future has been destroy'd by the 6th, balloon. They rebuild the future. In the past January 2nd, 2010 Another human searches for another animal to kill but realize's they've went to the future. A rope lifts the spoon up and it aims the 7th, balloon to the same human Morton and Jeff put glue on and glue is put and the human's face nose and lips again.

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