The Free Forum World Crash was a very significant event in the life of GAJ. It caused the isolation of a lot of users from the board (although the majority of them eventually found the boards' new location).

Turn of Events

The board was on a roll at this point in its life. People were participating, there was a real community building itself. One day, though, the board was inaccessible. When this occured, a lot of the users who frequented the GAJ Chat hid in the then dubbed "Bomb Shelter" while worrying about what was going to happen. And it wasnt just GAJ. Other Free Forum World forums were also gone.

Soon, it became obvious that the GAJ we knew and loved on Free Forum World was not coming back. Snake then created GAJ2 on the Invisionfree servers. News of the new board spread by word of mouth, and soon many of the old users were back with GAJ.


At the time, the general consensus was that GAJ (since it was the largest forum at the time on the Free Forum World servers) killed the site because of the bandwidth usage which the multitude of users on at once created. But Gloranor, some time after the event, had a look at the error message which came up when you tried to access the site. It turned out that GAJ had nothing to do with it. What happened was, to put it in lameman's terms, someone pressed the button which is labelled, "Do Not Push This Button" and that killed the servers and every forum on it.

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