• FreeBSD partition id = 165
  • Must be installed on a primary partition
  • To view console output buffer, press Scroll Lock then use ↑, ↓, PgUp, PgDn keys. Re-press Scroll Lock to revert back.

Device naming scheme

  • ad0 : IDE Primary Master
  • ad1 : IDE Primary Slave
  • ad2 : IDE Secondary Master
  • ad3 : IDE Secondary Slave

Retarded naming scheme

  • A slice is an fdisk partition.
    • ad0s1 : first partition on IDE Primary Master
    • slice is NOT the thing that is mounted.
  • A partition is part of an fdisk partition with no corresponding entity in fdisk terms. Partitions are named from a to h and managed with Disklabel Editor.
    • ad0s1a : partition a on ad0s1
    • partition carries filesystem, hence formatted and mounted.

Disklabel Editor

  • Newfs is format or mkfs
    • T = Toggle Newfs → format the partition or not
  • SoftUpdates is journalling (or the closest thing to it).

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