Freeing Zayne is a story about Zayne Carrick and his friends.


Zayne is accidentaly turned into a Green skinned twi'lek girl and a combination of a blaster shot and force lightning and only Shad Jelavan, Kamlin, Oojoh, and Gharn can save him from the Hutts.


It was an ordinary day on dantooine for the five friends Zayne Carrick, Shad Jelavan, Kamlin, Oojoh, and Gharn. Zayne was lieing around under a tree doing nothing, Shad was sitting under the tree with him. Kamlin was practicing her light saber forms to impress her master Xamar. Oojoh has trying to fire a blaster and Gharn was helping him. "Just remember Oojoh you need to keep your blaster straight and concentrate," said Gharn. Oojoh was ready to fire but he was scared and fired at a bird. The bird landed on Kamlins head and she drouped her light saber. "OOJOH", yelled Kamlin. "Kamlin I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention." apoligized Oojoh. "I have to impress master Xamar by next week and for that I need alot of practice". "It won't happen again I promise". "It Better not", Zayne said "You two need to calm down, lets go home". "Ok" Everyone said. The next morning oojoh was practicing a blaster shot and Kamlin was practicing her force powers. Then, Oojoh fired just as kamlin was permorming force lightning. Then, the lightning turned purple and fell to the ground. "Wow, I've never seen a force power do that.

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