Freight Engine the Black Engine and Friends (Big City Engine/Henry Version) Wooden Railway was is a fan-fiction thing to make.



  • Frieght Engine the Black Engine
  • Victor the Steamworks Engine
  • Big City Engine the Tender Engine
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Percy the Small Engine
  • Hector the Hopper Car
  • R Boat the Row Boat
  • Den the Diesel
  • Dart the Diesel
  • The Duchess the Ocean Liner


  • Flynn the Fire Truck
  • 98462 the Blue Engine
  • 87546 the Blue Engine
  • Zebedee the Z-sTack
  • Old Slow Coach the Brown Coach
  • Bluenose the Naval Tug


  • The Catepillar Crane
  • Sir Handel the Narrow Gauge Engine
  • Peter Sam the Narrow Guage Engine

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