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Welcome to Frequency: World of Sound!

So, What is Frequency?

Originally, Frequency was the concept for a JRPG-mimicing game to be made in RPG Maker XP. I had a tonne of potential ideas, descriptions, and notions attiributed to what would be in the game and how it would work; but unfortunately no experience with making games. And so the project lay idle and festered. In order to stop what I thought was a bloody good idea dying for good, I've made this Wiki as a better means of archiving and displaying my ideas; along with the ideas of others. This way the concept can get far more use than as just an idea for a JRPG; and can also be applied as a persistant world in a Tabletop RPG, or for original writing. I'm a writer at heart.

That said, as much as I enjoy writing new material for this project, I'm not perfect, and just that little bit inexperienced. To that end, if there's any information that you find would be prefect to include to Frequency, by all means get stuck in and make additions! The input of many will truly make the project deep and interesting.

GrooveMan.exe 22:38, 22 November 2008 (UTC)

So What's (Going to be) Here?

  • Detailed descriptions and explanations of all the interesting and enthusing characters and locations of Oratoria, the world where Frequency: World of Sound is set.
  • In addition to this, explanations of game mechanics, abilities, and items will be given for those who want to give Frequency a shot as an RPG.

Site Categories

People of Oratoria

Locations of Oratoria

Oratorian Lore

Gameplay, Abilities, and Items

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