The makers of "Ebo The Friendly Centurion" decided to leave some questions unanswered. Many fans have tried to answer these, most notably, the recipe of Crunchy Jam. Many fans attempted to make it, spending vaste amounts of resources on aquiring 1000 different fruits. The makers had to formally apologise when a fanatic was mysteriously lead to believe that cruncy jam contained glass, the resulting law suite almost bankrupting Ebo-corp. As well as questions on how the T.A.R.M.O.S works, why Plini is a professor, who on earth Zam is, and why he speaks Esperanto, one of the most frequently asked questions by frustrated fans has benn on the programme itself. Bizzarly, since the episodes creation, very few people have been able to see them, or find any referances to them anywhere. This has (falsely) lead many fans into believing that there is no such show, nor has there ever been.

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