The sixth entry in the series made this clear in its title: Jason Lives. However, since Jason had been supposedly rotting through the years since Part 4, writer and director Tom McLoughlin brought back the monster in a classic Frankenstein approach. Seemingly ignoring the events of the previous film, Jason Lives opens with Tommy digging up Jason's corpse so he could destroy it. When the body is unearthed, Tommy is filled with rage and pulls off part of a nearby fence and stabs the body multiple times, leaving the pole erect in Jason's chest, only to have the pole struck by lightning, bringing Jason back to life. From here on, Jason is now a zombie (though many fans argue that Jason, after his "death" at Camp Crystal Lake, was never human to begin with). The film's use of humor made it slightly more popular with critics and many fans consider it the best in the series. Alice Cooper performs three songs for the movie.

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