Friends Forever Opening/Closing is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make.


  • Here's the opening and closing sequences to the 2004-2007 animated series: Friends Forever. The opening sequence, following the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo, is in the style of the 2000 Telenovela, and the opening theme is Cause We're Friends Forever (a dubbed adaptation of Amigos Por Siempre). The closing sequence features the main four characters against a purple background in an Ed, Edd N Eddy style (from left to right: Sarah Wilkins, Helen Bridges, Felicia McCoy and Marcus Matthews), all grinning, and the closing theme is an instrumental version of Cause We're Friends Forever. After the end credits, the 1998 Peter Hannan Productions logo and the 2003 Warner Bros Television Animation logo (with the URL at the bottom) appear.

Lyrics to the Opening Theme (Cause We're Friends Forever)

  • Chorus: It's my turn to shine, my turn to love my turn to be someone now help me in my time for you! We'll be friends forever never ever gonna stay down and take the pain away From each other's hearts we'll live in a part yeah yeah Cause we're real friends It felt like I knew you before we met but now I know that we're together It's so deep inside that we're here tonight here with each other We're gonna be together not forever but hopefully we are.

Closing Credits

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