Friends Forever intro and outro is Pikachufreak's idea. This is the intro and outro to Peter Hannan's Friends Forever, which ran from September 4, 2004 until March 1, 2008. The opening sequences for the first two seasons are set to Version 1 of Televisa's Amigos Por Siempre, and for the final two, Version 2, with the American dubbed version of Amigos Por Siempre from Belinda and Martin Ricca, now sung by the whole cast. The outro then shows Felicia McCoy, Sara LaFont, Helen Mae Bridges and Marcus MacDougal in a Group style, as the show's end theme, the same Amigos Por Siempre song, is heard in the background. As soon as the end credits stop through a copyright notice, the Peter Hannan Productions logo (seen on Nickelodeon's CatDog) and the 2001-2008 Warner Bros. Animation logo appear in turn.


  • Chorus: If you're feeling sadder, and all wrong you should get always thinking you've got a friend who can you trust in You and me together forever nothing stop us. You are the person who help me it is our destiny that we support to you and I Friends Forever find a great finish.


  • Chorus:

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