Friends in High Places is the 2nd episode in Earth-Link: Zero.


It is two months after Episode 1, and we see Zero preparing for shore leave when Admiral James "Maverick" Thorak calls him. Zero, knowing this was important, accepted the call, and exchanged greetings.

Thorak told Zero he had another mission to complete. Zero accepted on one condition: getting his crew from the Leviathan under his command.

Later, Zero walks into the bridge of his new ship, the EE Spitfire. He feels comfortable in the captain's chair. Only seconds after he sits down, Catscratch and Meatbag enter the bridge. They exchange greetings with Zero, and Meatbag tells Zero that Aiden signed on for the Earth Empire Military, and that he will be giving orders to First Officer Warren Glomt instead.

After Glomt is introduced, the EE Spitfire launches from its drydock berth and goes through the Earth-Link, and Thorak gives the new crew the mission specifications. They are to capture a prototype ship inside Skregg Territory.

However, just as they are about to reach their target, they receive a distress call inside Skregg Teritory. It's Aiden!

Zero orders Catscratch to turn the ship around, but Warren says not to do it. Zero argues he should do it, but Warren still refuses to listen. Zero tells him if he argues one more time, he will be put in the brig. Zero orders Catscratch to turn it around, but Warren STILL refuses. Zero orders security to take him away.

Catscratch is ordered, for the final time, to set course for Aiden's position, and he does so.

Aiden, meanwhile, is battling the Skregg along with his unit, the 501st on the desert planet Durham. Every time he kills a Skregg, he shouts, "Fear my boom stick!" before moving on to another. He and his unit are hoplessly outnumbered.

There are only 23 people left in his unit, counting himself. The Skregg suddenly call a cease fire, and the Skregg Commander give them a chanceto either live and be slaves or die without honor. Aiden says the humans could do without Skregg honor, and so the Commander gives the order to finish them off.

But in the nick of time, Zero, along with a heavy calvalry, swoop in and gather Aiden and his unit. Aiden criticizes Zero for taking a long time, but Zero ignores it and says it is good to see him.

Aiden is told by Zero that he is the new commanding officer of the Spitfire. When Aiden asks what happened to the old commander, we see him in his brig cell in a fetal position saying, "Belay that order! Belay that order!" repeatedly.

Aiden is then given the order to bombard the base from orbit with Plasma Torpedoes. The attack succeeds, and the base is left in ruins.

Zero then orders the crew to continue with their mission; capturing the enemy starship.

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