Friends of Bryce


To assist Bryce to achieve full potential behavior and academically. To help Bryce achieve independence and self reliance.


To provide continuity of care and consistent expectations in different routine environments. (ie: Dad’s house, mom’s house, school, summer, OT, various camps Bryce attends to help with structure and social skills)

Methods of Communication

ADL's (Activites of Daily Living)

ADLs (activities of daily living): The things we normally do in daily living including any daily activity we perform for self-care (such as feeding ourselves, bathing, dressing, grooming), work, homemaking, and leisure. The ability or inability to perform ADLs can be used as a very practical measure of ability/disability in many disorders.



Bryce has mastered the 11 given fundementals for self care. These are listed below.

  • Bathing/Showering
Bryce is capable of showering alone, he has mastered washing hair and body without prompting and has demonstrated this for over a year, and is in the habit of daily shower with prompting to initiate "It's time to take a shower."
  • Bowel and bladder management
Bryce has mastered this task
  • Dressing
Bryce has mastered this task. He may need help with fashion, but can dress himself without assistance.
  • Eating/Feeding
Bryce can use a fork, knife and spoon appropriately. OT is working with him on building finger strength to allow him to use his utensils, especially a knife with more efficency. He struggles with manners, and eats often with his mouth open. He sits in a social table setting daily, will eat with others in the family and askes to be excused when finished with the meal. He also assists in setting the table and clearing dishes. Bryce's diet is limited and consists mostly of protein and carbs. He currently receives a multivitamin and fiber supplement to ensure he gets adequate nutrition and reduce complication of constipation due to inadequate fiber intake.
  • Functional mobility
Bryce has no obvious mobility impairments. He currently works weekly with OT to address any issues with balance or coordination that are not obvious to the lay person.
  • Personal device care - Includes items like hearing aids, glasses, prosthetics, adaptive equipment, etc.
He does not need any devices at this time
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
Bryce performs adequate dental care confirmed by recent dental cleaning on 6/28/06. He does require intermittant prompting to remember to brush. Bryce has expressed a desire to allow his hair to grow out and have a "spiked" style that requires styling products. He does get assistance from his sisters to attain his goal. Deoderant and face washing will be added to his routine starting in August.
  • Sexual activity
Bryce is age appropriat with sexual activity and will masturabate. He understands it is inappropriate to "touch his privates in public" however on occassion he needs to be reminded. This usually is a result of being bored. He is discrete and will put his hands in his pockets.
  • Sleep/Rest
Bryce's routine bedtime is 9:00pm and he can prepare for bed with minimal or no prompting.
  • Toilet Hygiene
Bryce knows to wash hands after using the restroom, however, he does require intermittant prompting.

Instrumental ADL

This includes activities not necessary for fundamental functioning, but still very useful for a child. There are 11 areas of IADLs. [2]

  • Care of others (including selecting and supervising caregivers)- not addressed, not mastered.
  • Care of pets Bryce plays with the dog we have, but has no responsablities for it's care at this time. He worked with feeding a tortise at the farm during the academic year.
  • Child rearing Not addressed or age appropriate
  • Communication device use Not addressed at this time
  • Community mobility Bryce was able to find his way from the metro to the hotel room on vacation with minimal prompting. This was our first attempt at assessing this function.
  • Financial management Bryce gets an allowance and grade money but still needs much work to become independent reqarding financial management.
  • Health management and maintenance Not mastered.
  • Meal preparation and cleanup Bryce is able to prepare simple meals with limited prompting and has learned the basics of cleaning up after himself. He still requires assistance to expand his meal preperation menu and minor cleaning techniques.
  • Safety procedures and emergency responsesNot mastered, continued work in this area is required.
  • Shopping Bryce is capable of expressing his likes and dislikes re: clothes, shoes, toys, books. He still needs assistance with purchasing the items with the cashier.

Child Instrumental ADL

Bryce being 12, there are only a few IADL's that apply. The ability to use a phone, and prepare meals is relevent. Saftey procedures and shopping are also relevant. Here are links to the above. Please add info below.

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