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Friturtoons/Theodore Tugboat is a parody with Theodore Tugboat sounds and Friturtoons clips.


  • Mario as Theodore
  • Yoshi as Hank
  • Donkey Kong as George
  • Princess Toadstool as Emily
  • Rabbit as Foduck
  • The Mayor of Townsville as The Dispatcher
  • Numbuh 5 as Rebecca
  • Kirby as Shelburne
  • The Crimson Chin as Clayton
  • Toad as Digby
  • Fuzzy Lumpkins as Guysborough
  • Numbuh 2 as Northumberland Submarine
  • Mr. Conductor (DL) from (TAOSTS) as The Harbor Master
  • Vicky as Carla
  • Squidward as Owen
  • King Dedede as Tex
  • Luigi as Bedford Bouy
  • Major Glory as Stewiake
  • Numbuh 3 as Pugwash
  • Mawile as Constance
  • Plankton as Oliver
  • Hip and Hop as Phil and Philmore
  • Ami as Sigrid
  • Cosmo the Seedrain as Dorothy
  • Buttercup as Clementine
  • Miss Bellum as Lillie the Lighthouse
  • Mr. Krabs as Truro
  • Diddy Kong as Inverness
  • Dee Dee as Bonavista
  • Larry The Lobster as Baddeck
  • Boog as Cabot
  • Tigger as Brunswick
  • Cheese as Barrington
  • Piranha as Bobby
  • Princess Daisy as Isabel
  • Blossom as Petra
  • Bubbles as Pearl
  • Pearl Krabs as Jennifer
  • Pooh as Blandford
  • Piglet as Bingham
  • Owl as Donald Dock
  • Meta Knight as Jasper Dock
  • Mojo Jojo as Cocomagh
  • Scyther as Bayswater
  • Mrs. Puff as Bluenose
  • Carl Wheezer as Benjamin
  • Vector the Crocodile as Dartmouth
  • Sonic as Kulu the Canoe
  • Funky Kong as Fundy
  • Tails as Blankton
  • Agumon as Nautilus
  • Roo as Halliburton
  • Tentomon as Canso
  • Unown as Cabot's Cargo
  • Mandark as R Boat
  • Dr. Robotnik as Shamus
  • Scratch as Seabright
  • Grounder as Colchester
  • SpongeBob SquarePants as Cumberland
  • Pikachu as Scally
  • Piplup as Chester
  • Buneary as Katherine
  • Buizel as Kirby
  • Sudowoodo as Kingston
  • Chimcahr as Clair
  • Turtwig as S.S. Malarkey
  • Gligar as Igloo
  • Meowth as Margaree
  • Mudkip as Walter
  • Yumi as Julia
  • Dexter as Annapolis
  • Squirtle as Louise
  • Numbuh 4 as Caraquet
  • Lil DeVille as Lunenburg
  • Kimi Finster as Olympia
  • Aipom as Freda
  • Eeyore as Louis
  • Wanda as Emma Sophia
  • Madame Blubbery as Queen Stephanie
  • Sandy Cheeks as Margaret
  • Thug Dolls as the Rock Brothers

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