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Friturtoons/Toy Story is a parody with Toy Story sounds and Friturtoons clips.


  • Mario as Woody
  • Yoshi as Buzz Lightyear
  • as Jessie
  • as Rex
  • as Hamm
  • as Slinky Dog
  • as Mr. Potato Head
  • as Mrs. Potato Head
  • as Bullseye
  • as Aliens
  • as Barbie
  • as Sarge and the Bucket O' Soldiers
  • as Bo Peep
  • as RC
  • as Lenny
  • as Wheezy
  • as Etch
  • as Mr. Spell
  • as Rocky Gibraltar
  • as Snake
  • as Robot
  • as Mr. Shark
  • as Stinky Pete the Prospector
  • as Emperor Zurg
  • as Lots-O Huggin' Bear
  • as Ken
  • as Big Baby
  • as Twitch
  • as Stretch
  • as Chunk
  • as Sparks
  • as Chatter Telephone
  • as Bookworm
  • as Cymbal-banging Monkey
  • as Chuckles
  • as Mr. Pricklepants
  • as Trixie
  • as Buttercup
  • as Dolly
  • as Peas-in-a-Pod
  • as Totoro
  • as Andy
  • as Andy's Mom
  • as Molly
  • as Sid
  • as Hannah
  • as Al

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