Friturtoons: Season 1 is a fan-fiction Friturtoons DVD Boxset. It features all 39 episodes of Season 1.

Disc 1: Episodes

  1. Mario To The Rescue
  2. Trusty Luigi
  3. Chikorita and The Stoplight
  4. Yoshi's Ghostly Trick
  5. Woolly Bear Yoshi
  6. Pikachu, Chikorita and The Monster
  7. Aipom Goes Crazy
  8. The Broken Bridge
  9. Plankton Does It Again
  10. Veemon Saves The Day
  11. Luigi and The Robot
  12. Respect For Buizel
  13. Rabbit Does It All

Disc 2: Episodes

  1. Sides Shocked
  2. Thomas and Sir Handel Help Plankton
  3. Tigger and The Hot Air Balloon
  4. Dexter Helps Out
  5. Yoshi Helps Wario
  6. Chikorita and The Magic Lamp
  7. Rock and Roll Wobbuffet
  8. Excellent Blossom
  9. Chikorita In Charge
  10. Blossom's Carnival Special
  11. Sir Handel Helps Pikachu
  12. Cartoon Wars Part One
  13. Cartoon Wars Part Two

Disc 3: Episodes

  1. Dino Language
  2. Luigi and The Boulder
  3. Gligar and The Christmas Train
  4. Sudowoodo and The Wishing Tree
  5. A Busy Day For Squirtle
  6. Snow Trouble With Meowth
  7. Avalanche!
  8. Tigger The Weatherman
  9. Squirtle and The Extension
  10. Plankton and The Fish
  11. A Bad Day For Numbuh 4
  12. Turtwig and The Green Balloon
  13. Piglet and The Koopalings

Disc 4: Bonus Features

  • Pilot Episode: Fritutoons Tasting Over A Monday Night Meal
  • Commentary on The First Episode by Mario and Pikachu
  • Behing the Scenes


  • Distributed by USA Home Entertainment.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

  • Thomas, Pikachu, Mario and Tigger

Back Cover

  • Sir Handel, James, Piglet, Rabbit and Luigi

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