Friturtoons: Season 2 is a fan-fiction Friturtoons DVD Boxset. It features all 39 episodes of Season 2.

Disc 1: Episodes

  1. The Cheeseburglar
  2. Cyndaquil Gets Tricked
  3. Roo Makes A Friend
  4. Rabbit In A Mess
  5. Chikorita and The Garbage
  6. SpongeBob Falls Down A Ditch
  7. Big Strong Sudowoodo
  8. Cyndaquil and The Pumpkins
  9. Patrick and The Barber Shop
  10. Tigger Saves The Day
  11. Mr. Fix-It Rabbit
  12. Sister Trouble
  13. Chimchar's Special Surprise

Disc 2: Episodes

  1. A Bad Day For Treecko
  2. Tigger, Rabbit and The Old Mansion
  3. The Runaway Honey Pot
  4. Chikorita's Scary Tale
  5. Mario, Yoshi and The Dragon
  6. Pikachu and The Strawberry Factory
  7. Buizel Takes Charge
  8. Sneezy Days
  9. Pikachu's Evil Twin
  10. Turtwig Goes Buzz, Buzz
  11. Roo The Brave
  12. Squirtle and The Fish
  13. Patamon Feels Left Out

Disc 3: Episodes

  1. Piplup and The Signal
  2. Chimchar and The Workshop
  3. The Trouble With James
  4. Dexter Gets It Right
  5. Thomas and Yoshi Help Duncan
  6. Keeping Up With Chikorita
  7. Turtwig and The Trouble With Trees
  8. Puffy Bots Rides Again
  9. Marill Runs Away
  10. Lamp Trouble Again
  11. Venonat's Goods
  12. Agumon Takes A Shortcut
  13. Sonic Goes Too Fast

Disc 4: Bonus Features


  • Distributed by USA Home Entertainment.

DVD Artwork

Front Cover

Back Cover

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