Friturtoons: Whoopsie! is the first in a set of the blooper reels from Friturtoons and it's spin-offs and related media and specials. The outtakes were all taken from the episodes of Friturtoons, Friturtoons Jr., The Adventures of Shining Time Station, Gosalyn's Files, and The Friturtoons Mysteries, along with Friturtoons: The Cult of BJ, Friturtoons: The Cult of James, A Friturtoons Chanukah, and other Friturtoons media.

The animated characters are added in to "enhance" the bloopers and live-action characters on green screen are also added in for the same reason.

It was first released on VHS around Thanksgiving 2014 by Lionsgate.

Time Episode Blooper
0:00 Intro segment Thomas derails (Coraline Jones: Oh great...)
0:08 Intro segment Jeff Ayers (in Baby Bop costume) bumps the bridge (David Mitton: Get off the set Jeff.)
0:20 Intro segment Thomas derails and flips over (Britt Allcroft: Too much rocks!)
0:37 Whoopsie! title No blooper
0:47 Likewise....Dad (Gosalyn's Files) Caravan explosion is late.

James Throws a Tantrum

Molly's face falls off.

BJ's School President Day (Friturtoons Jr.)

BJ slips while running
1:43 James' Secret  Molly crashes into the grass rather than the swamp.

The Beatles - Plankton, Meowth, Angelica and Mojo Jojo Edition

Plankton, Meowth, Angelica and Mojo Jojo's Crovan shed collapses. (Doug Lawrence: Help! My evil genius is trapped in a collapsed shed!)
2:18 3666 and the Ghost Train

The floating shopping lost falls down (Jeremy Blaido: What the heck! Christine Cavanaugh: Please, paper wrangler. Paper wrangler.)

2:30 Blossom and The Lost Voice Tara Strong burps (Frank Welker: Woah, "el belcherino!" Lauren Faust: Speecy spicy, take 16.)

The Missing Christmas Tree

Special effect fail - (5 takes) Take 1: Numerous trees get ploughed by the avalanche. Take 2: The avalanche effect fails to activate. Take 3: Everyone busts out laughing. Take 4: Extended take of the avalanche falling on Viscose Company 6. Take 5: David Baas's hand visible at the beginning adjusting the avalanche effect (take used in the CAN version)

Trusty Luigi

The bridge collapse is late (Steve Asquith: The bridge! It's doing it wrong!)
3:08 Dunkin' Rabbit Clancy Brown flubs a line (Crew: MATTER. TRANSFERRENCE. DEVICE. Steve: Ooh, it gunna be a long day...)
3:21 Agumon Takes A Short Cut Setpiece falls on the mansion (Steve: Woah, "el failarino!")

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