Friturtoons Jr. Episode Ideas is a fan-fiction thing to make.

BJ's School President Day (Double-Lengh Special)


Peter Sam, the Narrow Gauge engine who reads the Friturtoons Jr Elementary morning announcements, is damaged by a lorry who mistakes him for a truck driver who slept with his wife. During a memorial service at the gymnasium, guidance counselor Thomas the Tank Engine announces the school will seek a replacement. BJ gets the job after sabotaging the efforts of Duck the Great Western Engine. However, during his first announcement, BJ is very critical of the school and makes politically charged accusations against class president Baby Bop. Edward asks BJ to stick to the script during announcements, but he accuses her of trying to silence him, and brings in the American Civil Liberties Union to ensure his freedom of speech. BJ starts projecting his announcements into television screens in the classrooms, where his claims grow increasingly politically charged. He accuses Baby Bop of wanting to smash the Smurfs, which concerns Devious Diesel and some other diesels. When they confront Baby Bop, she simply refuses to acknowledge BJ. BJ starts selling copies of his book, What Happened to My School?, which includes sexually explicit rumors about Baby Bop. Thomas and Barney again confront BJ, who accuses them of turning the school into a "Krusty Land", and insists he is leaving the school. The next day, however, he appears on his show and tells the Friturtoons Jr he went to live with the Smurfs, fell in love with Smurfette and became integrated into the culture. BJ claims Baby Bop bulldozes Smurfland and slaughtered the Smurfs to get their valuable Smurfberries, which he has chronicled in his DVD, "Dances with Smurfs". Diesel and a furious mob of diesels go to Baby Bop's house to confront her. Diesel drops oil on the tracks and demands that she go on BJ's morning announcements show to answer his questions.Baby Bop reluctantly agrees to appear on the show, and BJ promises her he will stick to school-related questions and go easy on her. However, as soon as filming begins, he immediately asks about promiscuous rumors and the smashing of the Smurfs. To BJ's surprise, Baby Bop claims she indeed bulldozed Smurfland to get the valuable Smurfberries, but alludes that BJ was involved with the plot, and that the Smurfs would have left Smurfland if BJ did not integrate himself with them. She agrees to secede her class president title to BJ and announces she has written her own book about the Smurfs. BJ is angry that she has turned the tables on him and stolen his Smurf idea, particularly when she announces she sold the movie rights to Barney, who turned the book into his new film, The Freddie Movie. The next day, BJ is no longer doing morning announcements because the class president cannot hold both jobs, but he is angry to learn the president is a meaningless position with no real power. The episode ends with Thomas reading the announcements, which include student letters extremely critical of BJ's performance as president, causing him to run out the room crying, "I'm doing the best I can!"


  • Apperences by Thomas, Duck, Diesel, Arry & Bert, D261, Diesel 10, Peter Sam, Sir Topham Hatt, Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, Riff and The Lorry (made-up Friturtoons character).
  • Cameos by Edward, Percy, Oliver and Sir Handel.


  • Barney: Man, what happened? You're not doing the announcements anymore?
  • BJ: No, because it turns out to be Baby Bop stealing my "Dance With Smurfs" idea!

BJ's Stolen Picture


BJ shows Barney and Riff a picture of him with Diesel's horn in his mouth. Then, he is about to insert his nose into Diesel's mouth, Thomas takes Diesel to a devious camp. Meanwhile, BJ believes that Riff steals the picture of him with Diesel's horn and tells Duck about it. After Duck gets the picture back, BJ is happy.


  • Apperences by Thomas, Duck, Diesel, Barney, BJ and Riff.
  • Non-speaking roles by Arry and Bert.
  • Cameos by Baby Bop

Barney Helps BJ



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