Here's the Friturtoons VHS Collection preview.


  • Announcer: Get ready for excitement with everyone's favorite friturtoon, Mario.
  • Mario: Animator says i don't need him now
  • Announcer: This delightful collection of award winning videos takes you on a magical place around Friturtown. It's an enchanting world where life is never boring and fun lies around every bend. Now you can be part of the adventure with Mario and all his favorite friends. There's cheerful Yoshi, Wario in his splendid yellow overalls, the proud and strong Donkey Kong and the ever happy Toad. And don't forget the head of the Krusty Krabs, Mr. Krabs, who makes sure everything keeps right on schedule. Each video contains a variety of fun filled episodes that teach the values of friendship, working together and the importance of trust and honesty. Every journey you don't wanna watch again and again. So get things ready swing into adventure and enjoy the stops like: the classic excitement of Mario and His Perils.
  • Luigi: Who's an egghead, eggface!
  • Announcer: The troublesome problems of Fools Rush In and Other Episodes, the heartwarming adventures of Hot Matches and Other Episodes, the loveable moments of Puppy Love and Other Episodes.
  • Thomas: Happy holidays, Percy. Happy holidays, Everyone.
  • Announcer: And the greatest unstoppable fun of All At Sea and Other Episodes. Bring your fun out of the town and into your house. Add all of these titles to your Friturtoons collection today!

My Comments

  • Pikachufreak: Tomorrow, i'll upload more Cartoon Paridise videos. Starting with, Say Cheese and Other Episodes.
  • SuperMalechi: Hurry and upload One Crazy Knight and Other Episodes and Tenders and Turntables and Other Episodes.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi: Upload more Cartoon Paridise videos, Pikachufreak
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi: Upload more Cartoon Paridise videos, Pikachufreak.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi: Upload the last 2 Cartoon Paridise videos. Then, upload more Barney/Thomas Parodies.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.
  • SuperMalechi: I'm helping you upload the remaining Cartoon Paridise videos, Pikachufreak.
  • Pikachufreak: Yes, SuperMalechi.

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