Friutoons: The Craziest, Tooniest, Speediest & Nosiest Motion Picture Is A Movie Based On The Friutoons Series.


It's Friutoon Day & The Zero-X Starship Is Launched. During Its Maiden Voyage, Captain Paul Travers & His Zero-X Mission Crew Must Track Down A Russian Cosmonaut Onboard The International Space Station Before It Blows Up.

Guest Characters

  • Paul Travers (Captain Of The Zero-X)
  • Greg Martin (First Officer Of The Zero-X)
  • Jack Scott (Cheif Medical Officer Of The Zero-X)
  • Brad Newman (Helmsman Of The Zero-X)
  • Ray Peirce (Navagator Of The Zero-X)
  • Tony Grant (Cheif Engineer Of The Zero-X)
  • Robert Casey (Command-In Cheif Of The Zero-X)





  • (Paramount Pictures (Or Warner Bros. Pictures), Spyglass Entertainment And Nickelodeon Movies Logos)
  • (Begins Saying "May 17th, 2000")
  • A Man: You in Friutoon Land. Home to A Happy Cowboy.


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