Friutoons: Toon And Toodnenscapes Is A Direct-To-Video DVD Release Of The Series Friutoons.


  • The Card/Dear Vikings/Miss Whoops And The Mr. Bumps
  • Miss Whoops And The Mr. Bumps Redux: World Tour (Another Story)/Rainbow Friutoons/The Party Dress
  • Virtualodeon/Death Punchies/Prank Callers
  • Mr. Bump's Body/Don/Dizzy
  • Free Cake/Gramma's Secret Recipe/The Cent Of Money
  • Tree Trunks/Beetle Buggy/One Coarse Meal
  • Summer Job/The Bad Guy Club For Villans/That Sinking Feeling
  • Deep Freeze/Spawn Hunters/The Erindicicon!



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