Friutoons Episode Ideas Is A Fan-Fiction Thing To Do.

Season 1

Friutoons Roasting Upon A Friday Night Burger

Trusty Scott

Troy's Ghostly Trick

The Friutoon Championship

Aipom Goes Crazy

Lamp Trouble Again

Mad Hot


Pikachu And The Special Letter

French Fried

Pikachu, Piplup And The Coal

Best Frendzzzzzzzzzzzz

No Singing, Jigglypuff!

Spic And Span

Seek, Riddle And Rock

The Elevator

Pull My Pigtail

Alan's Close Shave


Disaster Strikes Alan Tracy While Chipmunk Twins Chip 'N' Dale Step Into His Life.


  • Apearances By Mr. Stubborn, Alan Tracy, Mr. Bump And V.E.E.
  • Cameos By Aipom, Little Miss Whoops, Mr. Quiet, Mr. Tall And Mr. Krabs.
  • Non-Speaking Roles By Little Miss Helpful.
  • First Apeararances By Chip 'N' Dale.


  • When Mr. Stubborn Is Talking To V.E.E About Alan Tracy, There Is A Picture Of Wallace And Gromit Hanging Up On The Wall.


The Friutoons Channel

Town Cow


Rat In Shining Aurmor

Duck Helps Duncan

Deisel's Bad Day

Cracked Chocolate

Spongebob Falls Down A Mine

Gilgar, Buizel And The Wrong Road

Mudkip Owns Up

Piplup And The Signal

Squirtle Takes Charge

Lady Penelope's Birthday Party

Colenel White's Holaday

Mudkip's Find

Something In The Air

Best Frenimies

Jammed Brakes!

Topped Off Pikachu

Season 2

Season 3

Badge Quest/Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

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