Frogs is a Parody LazyTown episode.


  • Sportacus: Look, it's a letter from the five gang see frogs. Let's find out what it is?
  • All: Hi, Sportacus!
  • Trixie: We're going to the frog show in the woods. Let's go!
  • Stephanie: Look! There's frogs! There are going to sing at the show!
  • Pixel: I think it gets dark. That's all.
  • Stephanie: Come on, Pixel. Let's sit down!
  • Pixel: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing... The Frogs!
  • Stephanie: Congratulations, Pixel! Let's watch them!
  • Frogs {singing}: Dododododododododoodododoododo. {shouting} Ribbit!
  • All {clapping after the frogs are finished}: Bravo, Frogs! Bravo!
  • Robbie Rotten: I love frogs! Hurray!
  • Stephanie: Me too.
  • Stephanie: Ribbit!
  • Pixel: Ribbit!
  • Trixie: Ribbit!
  • Robbie: Ribbit!
  • Ziggy: Ribbit!
  • All: Bye, Sportacus!
  • Stephanie, Pixel, Trixie, Ziggy, Robbie Rotten, and Frogs: Ribbit!
  • Sportacus: Cheerio. Now the letter burns. Bye!

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