Sonic version of "Frozen"

Frozen poster version


  • Amy Rose as Anna
  • Blaze as Elsa
  • Sonic as Kristoff
  • Cheese as Olaf
  • Tails as Sven
  • Scourge as Hans
  • Dr. Eggman as The Duke of Weselton
  • Scratch and Grounder as The Duke Thugs
  • Espio as Oaken
  • Pachacamac as Pabbie
  • Rainbow Dash (From My Little Pony) as Sitron
  • Werehog as Marshmallow
  • Classic Amy as Young Anna/Teen Anna
  • Classic Blaze as Young Elsa/Teen Elsa
  • Classic Sonic as Young Kristoff
  • Classic Tails as Young Sven
  • Tikal as Bulda
  • Tribal Echidnas as Various Trolls
  • The Wolves as themselves
  • Anthony (Amy's father) and Stella (Blaze's mother) as The King and Queen of Arendelle

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