Fugaheider is the marketplace run by the SpiritBreakers that is located in Ta-Terros near their base, Fu-Suva. As a result of hosting the secure location, the SpiritBreakers charge rent and demand a discount from all vendors.


Fugaheider rests on a living rock that thrives on lava. It can therefore not be harmed by the substance and actually gains energy from lava. It has great weaknesses to cold, but that is not likely to happen in Ta-Terros.

This rock can move to the center of the lava river which it rests in. The gap between either bank of the molten protodermis flow is just perfect such that no titan-sized being can jump it.

The marketplace also has an Overseer Tower in the center of the rock alowing the Overseer to see approuching danger. This central tower is armored with Invincidermis.


Norjhiko and Conleroth manage this marketplace and are the ones most often seen in the Overseer tower. They also keep things running smoothly in Fu-Suva.

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