Volume Seven: Fugitives is the seventh volume of Legacies.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
[[Image:|150px]] Institute Writer: Director: #1
[[Image:|150px]] Leech Writer: Director: #2
Keltora finds herself in a deluded nightmare of which she cannot escape, where she is tormented by the specter of her mother, Selene. However, Aurora and Tavin realize she is in the clutches of a Nicodemus tree, and they need to find a way to free her before the nightmare literally kills her.
[[Image:|150px]] Checkmate Writer: Director: #3
[[Image:|150px]] Breakout Writer: Director: #4
[[Image:|150px]] Collision Writer: Director: #5
Scarlett has escaped from the Adalwulf Institution, and within minutes she has already crashed her escape van into a restaurant, killing dozens. Drake, Elisa and Ty investigate, while the Queen gets restless at the lack of support from the Adulwulf Institute.
[[Image:|150px]] Unleash Writer: Director: #6
Queen Violet personally heads the investigation into Scarlett's escape, eventually tracking her down and confronting her. However, Scarlett surprises her by pleading to be killed, only to end up breaking through the Palace and secluding herself in the Ramhart residence, her unbelievable abilities overpowering everything in her way.
[[Image:|150px]] Appear Writer: Director: #7
Queen Violet violently reappears in a lake outside of Bastiaen, and quickly finds herself infused with a teleportation ability. Trevor and Jihan wish to keep her secluded, but the power may prove useful when Britteny and Chase are kidnapped by a political extremist.
[[Image:|150px]] Vortex Writer: Director: #8
[[Image:|150px]] Star Writer: Director: #9
[[Image:|150px]] Hunt Writer: Director: #10
Trish begins her hunt for Scarlett's whereabouts, and she knows the right person to call; though she might have to go to extreme measures to get him to answer. Back in 1995, Maura begins hunting down the people who attacked the Palace and indirectly killed her beloved dragon.
[[Image:|150px]] Poseidon Writer: Director: #11
An escaped Adalwulf convict with the power to control water starts terrorizing the citizens of Frozen Falls, and in turn awakening the slumbering plant life in the area. Meanwhile, Lawrence arrives back in Bastiaen to help explain what has happened to Scarlett.
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #12
[[Image:|150px]] Vespertine Writer: Director: #13
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #14
[[Image:|150px]] Archangel Writer: Director: #15
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #16
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #17
[[Image:|150px]] Restore Writer: Director: #18
[[Image:|150px]] Cataclysm Writer: Director: #19


Primary Characters

Scarlett Aerona (19 chapters)
Nicolas Faust (15 chapters)
Britteny Ambra (13 chapters)
Joel Goldman (13 chapters)
Lachlan Hughes (11 chapters)
Muriem Gladwyn (13 chapters)
Keltora (16 chapters)
Aurora Talbot (19 chapters)
Tavin Nahele (14 chapters)
Tyrese Mohambe (11 chapters)
Drake Adler (15 chapters)
Elisa Gomez (18 chapters)
Violet Swann (14 chapters)
Bill Warden (11 chapters)
Zara Lucine (13 chapters)
Geoff Heiden (11 chapters)
with Tess MacNeil (15 chapters)
and Trevor Harthom (16 chapters)

Secondary Characters

Raven Michaels (12 chapters)
Chase Steward (12 chapters)
Julian Fortier (10 chapters)
Trish Barrett (9 chapters)
Lawrence Lucine (9 chapters)
Cynthia Gladwyn (2 chapters)
with Liam Salopree (1 chapter)
and Shannon O'Hara (1 chapter)


Protectors of Earth: Future edit

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