(Direct from Dara Snowflake, one of the last Nogans. Written by Dwin.)

[Omega. The name ominously echoed through my mind. His powers. His destiny. All shattered by my hand. But I'm jumping ahead. Let me start at the beginning...]

His name was Omega Snowclaw. He was the son of Omnar and Dremar Snowclaw. *insert childhood memories here*

He became a brilliant scientist leading the field of medical science and technological science. He had a just as brilliant partner named Rassilon. Together they improved the lives of Nogans all over. Then one day, the two tapped into an unknown power. They argued over how they should study it. Rassilon believed they should be cautious with it, going very slowly. Omega believed that they should do whatever it takes to figure out what it does. Then they fought a duel. Whoever won would decide how they would study. Omega pulled out his ornately carved onyx mace. Rassilon his claymore with emeralds embedded in it. Thus the duel commenced. They battled across the lab. Constanly pushing each other back. Then Omega was pressed against the containment room for the unknown power. Rassilon thinking he had this won, pressed his sword against Omega's throat. He was wrong. Omega opened the seal. The power escaped the room. It smashed into some chemicals. The chemicals ignited. The power drew close to the flames and then exploded. A massive explosion rocked the island. Rassilon was thrown to the floor. A huge shockwave was emitted. Nogans on the island were given strange, random powers. Huge storm clouds appeared around the island.

A few hours later..

Chaos ensued around the remains of the lab. There was no trace of the power or Omega. Rassilon stood up to find the whole island in pandemonium. He shook his head at all the chaos over a petty thing.


Omega awoke in the Void. He had nothing. It was dark and empty. His voice echoed with Rassilon's name. It was all his fault. He had trapped. Thus. The power festered inside him. He knew that he had to master it. His power grew stronger and stronger. Thousands of years went by. He had no end to his life. He became the power incarnate. He created the Hand of Omega. It was the most powerful part of his being. (similar to The One Ring of Sauron)He then began to manipulate the world from the Void. First he corrupted, six toa. He renamed them the Fulgars. They were named Akhorahil, Adunaphel, Khamul, Murazor, Khor and Guramado. They were corrupted and turned to his power. They live to server him. They became his extensions on the real world. They brought in one corrupted toa from a desert land. His name was Mizeratus but to most he was known as Wayfinder. He became the guide of the layers between the real world and the Void.

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