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Biannual "Fulham Welcomes You" evenings at local, well known venues such as coffee shops, niche stores or pubs. Guest speakers who might include the police, tour guides, councillors, healthcare managers, local schooling representatives and participating businesses as well as Friends of Fulham (people who have lived in Fulham for a number of years that are happy to share their local knowledge and pride of living in Fulham). Welcome packs collating useful literature (brochures, maps, booklets, flyers); store discount vouchers; and donated gifts from local shops and businesses presented in carrier bags from local shops, to newcomers. What a Fulham Welcomes You! Event IS! • A person to person welcome to new comers to Fulham • A way to connect with your community • Guest speakers share their knowledge and experience • Instant help through provision of lists of useful contacts • A possibility of more direct assistance through “Friends of Fulham” and maybe through a discussion group/Wiki on a website. • Gifts and discounts from local shops as a welcome to potential new clients • People giving time to each other • An opportunity to meet Fulham residents and leaders, to gain helpful local knowledge, and foster a greater sense of community And what it is NOT! • An overt business networking event • A heavily sponsored event dominated by one company pushing its wares • a political event

This wiki has been set up to be a place for organisers, participants, stakeholders, Friends of Fulham, sponsors of related events to interact and share ideas, raise queries and in general spread the gospel of what we think is a great idea that will help build communities and community spirit wherevever it is applied.

With best wishes from Stefan Lubomirski, Jane Emmanuel and cathy Robertson.

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