• Frank Archer as Wreck-it Ralph
  • Edward Elric as Fix-it Felix Jr.
  • Winry Rockwell as Sergeant Calhoun
  • Izumi Curtis as Vannelope
  • Riza as Deanna
  • Olivia as Mary
  • Van Hohenheim as General Hologram
  • Jean Havoc as Sonic
  • Alphonse as Q*Bert
  • Roy Mustang as Gene
  • Shou Tucker as Dr. Robotnik
  • Greed as King Candy/Turbo
  • Lust as Taffyta
  • Stewie's Evil Clone (from Family Guy) as King Candy as a Cybug
  • Lyra (2003 FMA) as Minty Zaki
  • Sloth (2003) as Candlehead
  • Sheska as Crumbelina DiCaramello
  • Maria Ross as Jubileena Bing Bing
  • Kain Fuery as Swizzle Malarkey
  • Envy as Rancis Fluggerbutter
  • Clara/Psiren as Adorabeezle Winterpop
  • Ling Yao as Gloyd Orangeboar
  • Rose Thomas as Snowanna Rainbeau

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