Fun Hour 2 is an upcoming movie set to release on June 14, 2013. It was written and directed by Roc. It stars Godzilla as himself and Fergul as himself.


Godzilla and Jerry's mom are captured and, taken to New York City Zoo in New York City. Godzilla and Jerry must save her. 


The movie starts out with a prequel showing a small part of Godzilla's early life and how he travels to Los Angelos. Godzilla and Jerry's mom get captured. So Godzilla and Jerry travel all the way to The New York City Zoo in New York City. Drew (Pooh), Randy (Kermit the Blue Frog) and Joe (King Harold) rescue her. The theif Nick gets tied up. Godzilla and Jerry go home after bringing their friends home.

By: Roc.


Godzilla as himself.

Fergul as Jerry.

By: Roc.

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