Fun Time is the third episode from T-o-s (Season 1). It was released on Febuary 1st, 2014.


John, Lenny, Kyle and Max go on an island to spend a little time together, the group finds out that a woman has been messing with a growth machine that makes her act like a chipmunk now John, Lenny, Kyle and Max have to save her.


Puss in Boots as Tom (Charectar)

Sheriff Woody as Lenny.

Big Show  as Kyle.

Undertaker as Max.

Ms. Verginia  as Daniella.


1: This the only time the growth machine has'nt been shown. 

2: When Danielle moves her lips, she acts like a chipmunk this a refference Roc's dream when Shaketa transformed into Candace and was acting like her.

By: Roc.

By: Roc.

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