1. Horrid Henry - Horrid Henry's Hike
  2. Rosie and Jim - A Duck Kite
  3. Teletubbies - Dirty Knees
  4. Postman Pat - Postman Pat and the Perfect Pizza
  5. The Simpsons - The Homer They Fall
  6. Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - Superheroes
  7. Blue's Clues - Pool Party
  8. Thomas and Friends - The Runaway
  9. Peppa Pig - Spring
  10. The Wheels on the Bus - Incy Wincy Spider
  11. SpongeBob SquarePants - A SquarePants Family Vacation
  12. Tots TV - Hedgehog
  13. Shinging Time Station - The Magic is Beliving
  14. Fireman Sam - Joaker Soaker
  15. Kipper - Pirates
  16. Mr. Men and Little Miss - Mr. Skinny Is Up the Spout
  17. Barney - A New Friend

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