Funk Box is an American animated television series that premieres in Cartoon Network in January 14, 2018. The cartoon series is about a teenager musician named Jordan Weems who wishes to spend his life as a popular musician and to win the heart of a girl named Bianca DeGarmo. The soundtrack is funkmusic and rapping.

The animation will be similar to that of Magi-Nation and Chaotic: M'arillion Invasion, featuring a anime-style traditional animation for the cartoon as the setting is mostly Asian-oriented and the main character is half-Japanese.

An easter egg shows that many times Japanese text, in the font style of "intact" appears throughout the background saying "Jordan" in Japanese. The same Japanese text appears in the theme song.


  • Jordan Weems: A 14-year old multi-cultured boy who wants to become a rapping musician. Jordan is actually Caucasian-African American since his mom is black and his dad is white, but he is also half Japanese because of his father's sister marrying a Japanese ronin. Inherited his father's skin complexion, he is never noticed being as part Asian because he has no features of any oriental features. Jordan has a crush on a girl named Bianca DeGarmo and wishes to win her heart. Similar to the series Just Jordan, he tends to freeze the cartoon and talk to the audience on special occasions. He is voiced by Lil'JJ.
  • Jamie Sanderson: A 13-year old genius girl who tends to focus more on her studies and help Jordan when in need instead of mostly having fun. A Danish-American girl, she is multilingual fluent in Spanish, English, Polish, Japanese, Mandarin, Dutch, German and Arabic. She is voiced by Miranda Cosgrove.
  • Glenn "Ty" Chang: Jordan's best friend, a Chinese-American who loves skateboarding and talking to girls. He is based on Tony Lee from Just Jordan. People call Glenn the nicest guy in the world and the coolest guy in the world, except Jamie. Glenn's father is a pilot for the Hungan Arms Airforce. His favorite food is a jumbo cheeseburger with everything on it. He is voiced by Justin Chon.
  • Richardio Gomez: A Mexican-American scientist who has an affiction for solving equations and theories. He is similar to Jamie in most ways but also likes to go skateboarding with Ty and Jordan. Richardio ran for the spelling bee, chess team and class president. He is voiced by Eddy Martin.
  • Bianca DeGarmo: The most popular girl in school who Jordan has a crush on. She is very rich, loves to go shopping and is Brazillian-American. Bianca is also friends with Glenn for saving her life but Glenn refuses to be used for the affection of Bianca. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.
  • Madame Butterfly: A Japanese neighbor who has a crush on Jordan's uncle, Hishimoto. She wears a kimodo, a Japanese style haircut and maily communicates through haikus. She is voiced by Ann Harada, of Avenue Q.
  • Ted Text: A Norwegian-American technology expert who is obsessed with telephones, sporting twelve cellphones on his belt. Nicknamed Txt, he textes Jordan many gossips. He is voiced by Dwight Schultz.
  • Hanaruki: An ancient shaman who gave Jordan the ability to freeze through the series to talk to the viewers as said in the pilot episode. It is unknown if he will make any appearances.
  • Tiny Tim: A waif who begs for money and exchange to do favors. Tim is a parody of "Tiny Tim" from A Christmas Carol. He is voiced by Jeremy Shada, of Adventure Time.

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