• Monsters Inc sounds.
  • The Land Before Time clips.


  • Sharptooth: But, but, sir!
  • Topsy: What's going on in here?!
  • Petrie's Mother: Good night, sweetheart.
  • Petrie: Night, Mom.
  • Ducky: Gotta go!
  • Spike: No, Ducky, no, no!
  • Topsy: Get your cute butt back here now! (She went near where the Petrie was.)
  • Hyp: Now, give us a big, loud roar.
  • Sharptooth: Hyp, there's no time for this.
  • Hyp: Come on, come on. What are you waiting for? Roar!
  • Sharptooth: But, but, but, sir!
  • Cera: Hey, bronze-freak! We got something to tell ya!
  • Hyp: Roar! (shakes Cera) Roar like you can scare her, you little...! (Cera whimpered she shaken. Sharptooth groaned and roared. Petrie screamed his life but altogether, and a crying Ducky. Sharptooth gets noticed, but Ducky running.)
  • Topsy: Cera, we have I pick a horrible will time to come over here.
  • Hyp: Well done. Well done, Sharptooth!
  • Sharptooth: Ducky?
  • Petrie: I told you that's why you couldn't beat me, Ducky!
  • Hyp: Shut up, Petrie.

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