• Toy Story clips.
  • Monsters Inc sounds.


  • Evil Emperor Zurg: But, but, sir!
  • Sonic: Aw, no!
  • Prospector: Good night, sweetheart.
  • Jessie: Night, Dad.
  • Woody: Yee-ha!
  • Buzz Lightyear: No, Woody, no, no!
  • Sonic: Get your butt back here! (She went near where the Jessie was.)
  • Sid: Now, give us a big, loud roar.
  • Evil Emperor Zurg: Sid, there's no time for this.
  • Sid: Come on, come on. What are you waiting for? Roar!
  • Evil Emperor Zurg: But, but, but, sir!
  • Hannah: Hey, youth-freak! We got something to tell ya!
  • Sid: Roar! (shakes Hannah) Roar like you can scare her this thing! (Hannah yelped she shaken. Evil Emperor Zurg sighed and he roared, Jessie screamed was the same time actually this time, and finally Woody cries. Evil Emperor Zurg will be noticed, but Woody running.)
  • Sonic: Tails, we have I picked a horrible will time to come here.
  • Sid: Well done! Well done, Evil Emperor Zurg!
  • Evil Emperor Zurg: Woody?
  • Sid: Whatever she says it's not true! (He throws the toy, and slamming the door.)

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