CoolZCartoon's movie-spoof of Toy Story


Woody - Leo Stowolski

Buzz Lightyear - Young Kermit

Mr Potato Head - Yogi Bear

Slinky Dog - Mickey Mouse

Rex - Tigger

Hamm - Penguins

Bo Peep - June Taylor

Sarge - Mannny

Sarge's Soldiers - Manny's Tools

Andy - Dipsy

Mrs. Davis - Emily

Molly - Roshan

RC - Carmine

Lenny - Tap Dancing Bear

Mr. Shark - Tantor

Snake - Snakes

Robot - Magic Tree

Etch - Giraffes

Mr. Spell - Tortoises

Rocky Gibraltar - Boppy

Troll Dolls - Rabbits

Sid - Huckleberry Hound

Scud - Scary Lion

Combat Carl - Pink Spider

Aliens - Trians

Alien - Magic Train

Hannah  Desert Flower

Janie - Po

Pterodactyl - Pink House

Babyface - Frogs

Legs - Darby

Hand-in-the-Box - Wile E. Coyote

Rollerbob - Quick Draw McGraw

Frog - Six (Numtums)

Jingle Joe - Thomas the Tank Engine

Ducky - Kermit the Frog

Rockmobile - Barney

Walking Car - Tigers

Burned Ragdoll - Butterflies

Huge Red Pickup Truck Toy - Viaduct

Yellow Soldier Toys - Carl and Frank

Sally Doll - Fifi Le Fume

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