Storyteller: It was a beautiful day, and Furball and his mother decided to get out of Acme Mall for a while. They end up at a video store. Little did Mrs. Furball know, however, that when Furball would see a 1996 VHS of "Toy Story"...

Furball: Hey, Mama?

Mrs. Furball: Yes, Furball?

Furball: I've gotta get that Toy Story VHS! Can I have it? Can I? Can I? PLLLLEEEEEEEASEEEE?!

Mrs. Furball: Err...nah. It's a phony, anyways.

Storyteller: ...Furball would not just cry, something he rarely does, but he would throw a tantrum if his offer was turned down. And of course, it was.


Storyteller: So Furball was sent home and sent to his room for throwing a tantrum at a public place. The next day, however, would cause Furball even bigger trouble. You see, he and Mrs. Furball went to a toy store to make up for yesterday's mess. However, when Furball saw a new Mallard Man action figure...

Furball: Oh, wow! Hey, Mama?

Mrs. Furball: Yes, Flick?

Furball: That Mallard Man action figure is so cool! Can we get it, mama? Please?

Mrs. Furball: I don't think so, honey. It looks like a phony.

Storyteller: ...another meltdown occured.


Storyteller: Mrs. Furball had enough of the tantrums for one day, so she ran off. But then, the police arrived.

Lois: HEY CAT! I'm pretty sure I've heard that tantrums aren't allowed in these stores.

Kermit: That's right! Kermit will arrest you!

Furball: (gets handcuffed) NO! PUT ME DOWN! I may want that cool figure, but most of all, I WANT MY MOMMY!

Lois: SHUT UP!

Storyteller: And so, Furball gets locked behind bars at the Anonymous Jail.

Furball: How long am I staying here, huh, huh?

Adam: Five months! Bye!


Storyteller: And so, Flick had now learned his lesson of a lifetime: never throw tantrums in public places.

The Next Day

Adam: You can come out now Furball.

Furball: I thought to said Five Months.

Adam: I did but i will let you out for good work and i will phone your partens to get you Toy Story 1996 on VHS.

Furball: Thanks a lot Adam.

Adam: Your welcome Furball.

The End

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