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Futur-impso-rama is a Futurama/Simpsons parody series.


  • Fry as Homer
  • Leela as Marge
  • Bender as Bart
  • Zoidberg as Dr. Hibbert
  • Amy as Lisa
  • Professor Farnswroth as Abe
  • Hermes as Apu
  • Scruffy as Groundskeeper Willie
  • Nibbler as Maggie
  • Dixie and Trixie as Terri and Sherri
  • Richard Nixon as
  • Zapp Brannigan as Duffman
  • Kif Kroker as
  • LaBarbara as Manjula
  • Cubert as Martin Prince
  • as Krusty the Clown
  • as Sideshow Mel
  • Dwight as
  • Morgan Proctor as
  • Morbo as Kent Brockman
  • Mom as


  • Bend the Genuis
  • Fry's Odyseey
  • Leela in Chains
  • Bend on the Road

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