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The cast:

  • Fry as Rocko
  • Dr. Zoidberg as Heffer
  • Kif as Filbert
  • Seymour Asses as Spunky
  • Bender as Ed Bighead
  • Coilette as Bev Bighead
  • Bender's first born son as Ralph Bighead
  • Amy Wong as Dr. Hutchinson
  • ? as the Chamelon Brothers
  • Mr. Panucci as Mr. Smitty
  • Calculon as Really, Really, Big Man
  • Robot Devil as Peaches (Both are parodies of the Devil)
  • ? as George Wolfe
  • ? as Virgina Wolfe
  • ? as Peter Wolfe
  • ? as Cindy Wolfe
  • Crushinator as Hippo Lady

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