Cast Of Hosts

  • Nibbler as Tabby Von Meow
  • Amy as Debbie Dragon
  • Bender as Arte Fact
  • Fry as Ms.Cowoline
  • Leela as Sheldon Turtle
  • Zoidberg as Amanda Panda
  • Robot Devil as Fred Rover
  • Kif as PJ Colie
  • Hypnotoad as Alyssa
  • Professor Farnsworth as Quizzy Bear
  • Zapp as Wacky
  • Hermes as Dogheard
  • Michelle as Nafaria
  • LaBarrera as Ms.Birdy
  • Mom as Persephone 
  • Scruffy as Booger 
  • Linda as Dex Dangerous
  • Morbo as Dr.Quack
  • Inger as Goober
  • Calcutron as Horace
  • Leo as Chef Gazpacho
  • Lrrr as Mr.Moo
  • Countess de la Roca as Zingoz
  • Colleen O'Hallahan as Zumbuddy
  • Roberto as Monkey and Monkey
  • Donbot as Poncho
  • Richard Nixon as Plumpy
  • Sally as Sparky
  • Dr.Cahill as Zacky
  • Hedonismbot as Doug
  • Robot Santa Claus as Groundhog Leprechaun
  • Edna as Alex Tiger
  • Mrs. Pac Man as Black Cat
  • Mario as Billy Goat
  • The Planet Express Ship as Tuskbert
  • Walt as Singoz
  • Bev as Mazin Hamsters
  • Wicked Witch as Stoogles Googles
  • Nudar as Raziel
  • Larry as Roberta Rabbit
  • New New York as Kinzville Map
  • Alcazar as Ghost Clubhouse
  • The Amazon Women as Iceman 
  • Inez as Grey Owl
  • Lars as Basil H.
  • The Clamps as Jerry The Frog
  • Frida Waterfall as Malena
  • Mellivar as Sliverback Gorilla
  • Swamp Hag as Weather Monkey
  • Mildred Fry as Lion
  • Melllvar's Mother as Waddell
  • Japanese Toilet as Knight
  • Sandy as Caterpillar
  • Candy as Santakinz
  • Mrs. Fry as Fish King
  • Lisa as Pug

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