Future Cody     Is A 2000 American Live Action Film Produced By Cody Flasche Pictures Released Date Friday July 21, 2000 It's His 26th Full Length Cody Film Directed By Keith Richards & Music By Matthew Anderson & Anthony Rank With The Voices Of Cody W. Flasche, Mary K. Flasche, Oobi Rufus, Tommy Lee Jones, Matthew Broderick, Jeff Daniels & Martian Short Running Time: 91 Minutes


In 2030, The Male Robot Name Tim Was Singing "What Have You Done" The Robot Talk To The Children About Cody As A Baby In 2000 30 Years Ago Then The Sciencetist Invented The Time Machine Then The Cops Arrest The Sciencetist Then Judge Oobi Come To See The Lady Holding A Baby Then Oobi Shoot The Scientist Lady Then Oobi Hold A Baby Then Oobi Saw Ryan To Tell Him To Have Oobi Done Then Oobi Take Care Of Cody Then 30 Years Later In The Future Cody Was A Future Boy Cody Saw A Little Bird Then Cody Saw Charles (Jeff Daniels) & Nick (Matthew Broderick) Then They Saw The City Of The 21st Century Then Cody Saw Willy (Martian Short) About To Go To The Future Festival Then Cody Saw Oobi About The Festival Then Cody Sing "I'll Be In The Future" Then The Rookie Marvin (Tommy Lee Jones) Saw A Female Robot Name Mary Then The Future Cops Saw Her Then They Saw The Rookie Marvin To The Great Palace Of Oobi's Then Oobi Meets The Rookie Marvin Then Cody Went To The Future Festival To See The People Then Tim Sing "The Future Festival" Then Cody A Female Robot Name Mary Then Everybody Saw The Future Boy Then Everybody Throwing Fruits On Him Then Mary Saw The Future Boy Name Cody Then The Future Cops Get Her But She Punch The Future Cops Then Oobi Was Mad At Cody Then Mary Went To The Future Hotel Then Marvin Saw Her Then Oobi Saw Them Then Ryan Tell Oobi To Stay Away From Her Then Mary Tell Ryan About A Future Boy Then Mary Sing "Believing The Clouds" Then Cody Saw Mary Then They Look At The Sky Then She Got The Map To Cody For A Time Machine Then Cody Saw Sing "I'm Happy For Be" Then Oobi Sing "Red Hot Fire" Then The Next Day Oobi And The Future Cops Arrest The Robots Then Marvin Was Mad At Oobi Then Oobi Burn The House Then Marvin Save The Dellins Family Then Mary Saving Marvin Then Mary Got Marvin Then Charles, Nick & Willy Sing "Great Is In The Past" Then Cody Saw Mary & Marvin But Oobi's Coming Then Cody Hiding Marvin In The Closet Then Oobi Was Mad At Cody About The Robots Are Agents The Law Then Oobi Tell Cody For Tomorrow For The Time Machine Then Cody & Marvin Are Going To The Time Machine To The Year 2000 Then The Robots Got Cody & Marvin Then The Robots Singing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" Then Mary Saw Cody & Marvin Then Marvin Tell The Robots For Oobi's Coming Then The Future Cops Arrest The Robots, Marvin & Mary Then Cody Went Back For 30 Years Before Cody Saw Oobi Got The Taser Gun To Get Her Then Cody Was Mad To Oobi Cody Will Save Her Then Everybody Getting The Future Cops Then Cody & The Guys Got The Future Guns To Get Them Then Cody Was Sad About The Robot Dead Then Oobi Sorry To Cody But Oobi Got The Gun To Get Him Then Cody Was Mad At Oobi Then Cody Saw The Robot Alive Then Oobi Got The Big Gun To Destroyed Them Then Oobi Tell Cody The Truth About The Lady Sciencetist Died What He Done 30 Years Ago Then Oobi Fall In The Building Then Oobi Has Burn Up Then Marvin Save Cody Then Cody Look At The People Then Cody A Little Girl Love The Future Boy Name Cody Then Tim Sing "What Have You Done" Again Then Cody Loves The Future City...

Home Media

Future Cody Was On Cody's Masterpiece Collection On VHS & DVD On Tuesday April 3, 2001

Future Cody Was On DVD On Tuesday April 18, 2006         

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