One hundred years after the time of Void of Earth's Solar System, the beginning of what will be known as the Sixth Era (see history in VESS) occurs. The dwarf planet Ceres (see asteroid belt in VESS) will secede from the Outworld Alliance and join the League of Planets. Meanwhile, the Jovian republics will also secede from same Alliance and either join the League of Planets or the United Earth Regime, with the more democratic Jovian states joining the League and the more authoritarian Jovian regimes joining the United Earth Regime and submitting to the rule of the Earth Political Union. The United Earth Regime will institute political reforms placing the election of the two houses of it's Legislative Assembly in the hands of local councils, and vest the appointment of the Central Executive Council, the High Court of Justice and other judges, and the Supreme Military Council in the hands of the upper house of the Legislative Assembly, and the power of removal in the lower legislative body. The Earth Political Union will allow the legalization of an opposition party, the United Popular Forum, but the Forum will still be limited to some degree. The reforms in the United Earth Regime prohibit citizens from having membership in both the Popular Forum and the ruling Political Union. The United Popular Forum is permitted to nominate some candidates for elected seats on local councils, but the same reforms also require that at least 50 percent of all candidates for local council elections be the official nominees of the Earth Political Union, and the Political Union still directly appoints some members of local councils. Members of the Political Union can still run for local elected seats as independents, but the electoral law stipulates that no more than 35 percent of local council electoral candidates can be members of the United Popular Forum, either as official Forum nominees or as independent candidates. The Neptunian Imperium and Kuiper Belt states will secede from the Outworld Alliance to fight control of the Kuiper Belt with the Empire of Spectra, but the Kuiper Belt states will end up fighting both Spectra and the Neptunian Imperium as a Third Force of the Kuiper Belt. Meanwhile, in the Outworld Alliance, the Uranus Polity and it's member states will compete with the Titan Imperium and Saturn baronies for control of the Alliance, with the member states in the Trojan asteroids holding the balance of power.

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