Fuu-chan is a fan-based series based on Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage-Friends of the Future. It's opening theme is Fuu-chan no Maho Kieski (Fuu-chan's Magic Miracle) and the ending is Shiawase no Tochi (Land of Happiness). The dub opening is called "Fuu-chan". This dub contains some name changes to most characters (for example, Ayumi is now Anna). Only a few characters (for instance, Fuu-chan and Lolly Darling) keep their names. Toonzai will air the English dub of Fuu-chan starting July 7, 2012. It is the only Pretty Cure related series to come to the United States so far.


Note: Original Japanese episode names are the first name, dub title is second name.

Season 1 (Started in Japan on March 25, 2012)

  1. Fuu-chan takes a rocket to the moon?/Blast Off
  2. Fuu-chan goes to Ayumi's school?/School Daze
  3. Fuu-chan gets lost?/Lost in the Library
  4. Fuu-chan goes on TV?/Fun and Games
  5. Fuu-chan's first field trip!/ Fuu's Fun Field Trip (Part 1)
  6. Fuu-chan nearly ruins the field trip?/ Fuu's Fun Field Trip (Part 2)
  7. Fuu-chan goes to a cooking class?/Cooking Up A Storm
  8. Fuu-chan and Ayumi switch bodies?/Swapped
  9. Fuu-chan gets sick?/Nurse Anna
  10. Fuu-chan has an evil twin?/Two Fuus
  11. Fuu-chan can now grant wishes?/When You Wish Upon Fuu-chan
  12. Lolly Darling's Treasure Hunt (name is kept)
  13. Fuu-chan calls hotlines to get many prizes?/Hold the Phone
  14. The Fuu Baton is created!/A New Power Awakens
  15. Fuu-chan stars in a movie?/A Star is Born!
  16. Fuu-chan's magic items dissapear?/Detective Fuu-chan
  17. Fuu-chan: The Musical (name is kept)
  18. Magical Girl Fuu-chan/Fuu-chan the Superhero
  19. Fuu-chan gets sucked into the world of Lolly Darling?/ Trapped Inside TV
  20. Fuu-chan is a royal princess!/Royal Fuu-chan
  21. Fuu-chan gave me a special bracelet!/ Making a Magical Fashion Statement
  22. Fuu-chan goes shopping at the mall!/Mall Madness
  23. Cure Echo and Fuu's Heart-Pounding Battle!/The Battle to Save Earth (Part 1)
  24. The Miracle Pact appears!/ The Battle to Save Earth (Part 2)
  25. Thank you, Fuu-chan! (name is kept)

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