Spoilers: I'm going to stick to Basics for a while, even though they contain spoilers...


AKA: no nicknames

Age: ~500?

Looks: tall, lavender hair

Character: Hopeless dreamer and romantic. Scholar.

Special skills: Stunning swordsmanship, defensive majutsu.

Family: Adopted daughter Giesela von Krist. He's clearly a member of the Krist ruling family. Other than that, we don't know.

Günter was in typical romantic rapture over his daughter's marriage to the Great Sage, Murata Ken - she could hardly have picked someone who'd please her father more (PW). Günter was especially relieved she wasn't after that scoundrel Adelbert von Gratz anymore.

We learn a little more about Günter's life in the real world (as opposed to his normal abode in la-la land). Despite earnest academic aspirations, the great scholars of the von Wincotts and von Bielenfelds consider him a tutor quality hack. General Lord Walde hired him to tutor his son Gwendal (TwT), and he stuck around. Günter fought for Krist in the Great Troll and Goblin War under the General. Cecilie, noting Günter's still-rabid outlook on trolls and goblins, forbade him to discuss the topic, which kept Gwendal, Conrad, and Yuuri rather in the dark, though not Wolfram, whose education was supervised by professor father Manfred.

Günter sponsors the late-night gay bath scene at Blood Pledge Castle, to which he contributes the cauldron of vodka punch (YHD). Yozak is also a devotee.

Stories: The Bedding of Wolfram,The Pirate Wedding,Yuuri's Hot Date,Epilogue,The Trouble with Trolls

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