G-Unit Records is an American record label founded by 50 Cent and his manager, Sha Money XL. It operates as a subsidiary of, and is distributed through, Universal Music Group's Interscope Records.


After the debut of the album Get Rich or Die Tryin', 50 Cent was granted his own label. Since 2003, his label became successful for not only himself, but his appointed label artists. Due to the success of G-Unit, Dr. Dre was impressed and offered to work alongside 50 Cent with the then Aftermath Entertainment artist, The Game. After the well publicized departure of the rapper in early 2005, Spider Loc was signed to the label. As a result of the problems that 50 Cent encountered with The Game, he was not sure whether or not to sign any new artists to his "family", which was how he perceived G-Unit and the record label. However, later that year, the opportunity to sign Mobb Deep and M.O.P. came up.

Since then, G-Unit Records has signed a new roster of talent to the growing label and 50 Cent has expressed interest in working with artists outside of G-Unit. Freeway and LL Cool J are currently working with 50 Cent for the release of their albums.

As of February 2008, it was announced that M.O.P will be leaving G-Unit Records due to creative differences. Laze Elliot, the group's manager, said of the departure that "50 has been good about letting us move on […] I still believe that we would work together. The relationship is much better from a creative standpoint."[1]



DJs and producers

Joint venture artists

Former artists


Past releases

Album information
G-UnitBeg for Mercy
Lloyd BanksThe Hunger for More
Young BuckStraight Outta Cashville
The GameThe Documentary
Tony YayoThoughts of a Predicate Felon
SoundtrackGet Rich or Die Tryin'
Mobb DeepBlood Money
Lloyd Banks – Rotten Apple
Lil ScrappyBred 2 Die Born 2 Live
Young Buck – Buck the World
Freeway – Free at Last

Upcoming releases

Unreleased albums

Affiliated labels

See Universal Music Group.

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