The G-virus must be injected into a subject; it cannot be transmitted in any other way. A Fort Save is required after the injection (DC 20), upon success the body completely ingests and adapts to the new genetic material within the G-Virus, thus gaining +6 to Dex, +4 to Str & Con, +20ft. to Spd, Lighting Reflex and Blind Fight feats, and a special immunity to all other T-/G-virus type infection. If the body is wounded or harmed in anyway when the G-virus is injected (Birkin in RE2) the Fort Save is increased by 2 for every successful wound (# of attacks that dealt damage) upon failure of the Fort save the G-virus begins to mutate at an incredible rate, twisting the body's anatomy in wicked ways (Roll 3 times on the G-virus Random mutations table).

Table: G-Virus Random Mutation
1d12 Result
01 Multiple Legs
02 Multiple Arms
03 Multiple Eyes
04 Tentacle
05 Massive Growth
06 Wings
07 Blade Claws
08 Tougher Skin
09 Poisonous Spray
10 Acid Spit
11 Bone Spikes
12 Roll twice more

Mulpitple Legs: Spidery legs spring forth from the torso granting a 10 feet speed increment to the creatures base speed.
Multiple Arms: A second pair of arms grows from the creatures shoulders.
Multiple Eyes: Id4 number of eyes sprout on random locations, the creature cannot be flanked.
Tentacle: The creatures gains ranged touch attack+5 up to 15ft. and a +2 to grapple checks.
Massive Growth: The creature grows one size category larger all stats. change accordingly.
Wings: The creature sprouts bat-like leathery wings a Fly speed of 40ft. with average maneuverability
Blade Claw: The creature grows a hideous claw which deals 1d8+Str with a +4 to attack.
Tougher Skin: The creature's hide thickens granting it a Damage Reduction of 2/--
Poisonous Spray: Inhaled (DC 15), Primary 1d6 Con damage, Secondary 1d6 Con
Acid Spit: Ranged Touch attack+5 deals 2d6 damage
Bone Spikes: The creature's skeleton breaks though the skin creating a spikes all over its body, deals 1d6 damage when grappling and any melee attack must make a Reflex Save (DC15) or take 1d4 damage.
Roll twice more: Roll again on the Table and roll one more, to get 2 mutations.

G-Virus Template
Type changes to B.O.W.
HD: Increase to d12
Spd: +20ft.
AC: as base
Attacks: As base
Special Attacks: Controlled Mutation
Special Qualities: Immunity to all disease and G/T Virus, Fast Heal 2 Hp/per round
Face/Reach: As base
Saves: As Base
Abilities: +4 to Str & Con, +6 to Dex
Skills: As Base
Feats: Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Initiative & Lightning Reflex

Controlled Mutation: Anyone with the G-Virus template can make a Fort Save (DC 15 + the number of mutations grown) as a Full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity, to gain a mutation from the G-virus random mutation table.

Remember this template can only be added if the character succeeded the G-virus Fort Save.

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