Terms of Battle

Or, more commonly known as GAJWiki Rules.

1. No insulting or raping other peoples pages, or any page for that matter. This isn't Wikipedia, so comedy is allowed, but you cant just outright lie.

2. Same rules for GAJ apply here. No over the top swearing, no links to illegal sites etc.

3. Respect the work of others. No copy and pasting from websites unless they are cited refrences.

4. The admins at GAJ reserve the right to change any page if it is in violation of any of the rules. In extreme cases or in the case of repeated offence, pages may be deleted entirely.

5. People visiting the site must have pants on. Thats right. I'm talking to you, Admiral.

6. When creating pages, put the [[Category:GAJWiki]] tag at the top of the page before you do anything else, so its part of the wiki.

7. If you want to designate an article as a stub or a disambiguation page, use the templates {{GAJstub}} and {{GAJdisambig}}. The other templates arent funny. Mine are. Nyah.

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