There are many races in the Galaxy at War, and not all of them have been encountered. The races featured are just the races of this generation, and chances are, will not endure the passage of time.

The Humans

Seperated into 2 main groups, the Humans are a diverse and complicated race. Their main strength is that they form communities, and through those communities survive the storms of history. Their technology is mainly second rate, but recently, the United Federation of Planets has been improving its technology and is now part of the upper echalons of technological advances, particularly in wafare.


Eventually, humans, originally consisting of groups of hunter-gatherers, began to develop civilizations. These civilizations gradually became more and more complex, with some becoming nation-states and empires. After thousands of years of wars against one another a governing body of sorts was formed with the UN in 1945. By 1961 man had reached space and in 1969 had finally stepped on an extraterrestrial surface. After World War II, Humanity would not have a war that scale for a while, although smaller wars and conflicts erupted, including the Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Cold War. In the Late 20st century terrorism became a potential thorn in the side for the nations on Earth. However war as big as WWII did not happen until 2008.

After years of overcrowding on Earth and the other planets in the Sol System, dissident factions emerged. The Neo-Communist Koslovics and Fascistic Frieden, the two major movements, began to battle one another and the United Nations. In March-June 2013, Jovian secessionists attacked United Nations Colonial Advisors on the moon Io, which led to three months of fighting between the Earth military and Jovian "Frieden" forces. National governments began to support their own colonies which began in a proxy wars off planet, leading to tension and militarization on Earth. In 2014 armed conflict ripped through South America, starting the Rain Forest Wars, as Koslovic, Frieden, and UN forces all clashed over ideological differences, sparking additional conflicts off-planet. In December of 2015, the three factions clashed, this time on Mars. This was the first extraterrestrial use of Marines, who launched lightning raids on Koslovics positions, permentally affecting military doctrine for centuries. In 2017 UN forces began a massive military build-up and began the first true interplanetary war. The UNSC was bolstered by a massive propaganda campaign running on the victories on Mars and over the next six years took back the Sol System and drove the dissident factions to destruction. Now with a massive military with no enemy to fight, overpopulation, famine, and a collapsing population, the unified Earth faced trouble.

It wasn't until 2024 that this problem was solved when researchers created the Warp Drive and gained access to Warp. In 2025 the UNSC unveiled their first line of colony ships and the best and brightest from both civilian walks of life and the military go out to form the Inner Colonies. This eased the overpopulation problem upon Earth, which became the capital of the Colonial Administration Authority, while the inner colony of Orion became the headquarters of the UNSC.

In Early 2039, a Unknown "Alien" Race known as the "Necrons(Human for Yor)" began to appear on many worlds that were being Colonized, and some that had already become Major Colonies. In March, of 2039, another Race known as the "Eldar"(Human for Al'Terran) appeared in Orbit of the UNSC Military Command World of Orion. This Lead to nearly 3 Months of Fighting on the Planet between Eldar, Necron, and Human forces.

  • Earth - With a Population of nearly 7 billion Earth is the home to all of Humanity. In its past, it was seen as a dump compared to the new "Colonies" of the UNSC. However, starting in 2020 a restoration project for much of the planet was started, turning much of it back into a primeval world, while the Northern Continents of America(North America), Europe(Europe) and Asia(Asia) house almost all of the Population, several Continents such as Primeval(South America) and Cradle(Africa) have become massive Nature preserves with only those Humans who wish to cling to their tribal roots remaining there.
  • Mars - The Red Planet, once thought to have held life in the past, it was only to be found to have a Necron Tomb deep below its surface. The Planet was home to one of the Bloodiest conflicts in Human History, witch started with the Rain Forest Wars, and then later turned into the Necron War. It now houses over 2 Billion Humans, and several other Alien races that have joined the Federation. It is seen as the Industrial Heart of the Solar System.
  • Luna - The Moon, the largest Military Base known to any race is controlled by Starfleet, the fleet of the UFP. It houses almost 2 Billion Military Personnel, and their Families along with random assortment of Aliens and Human Civilians.
  • Elipson Erandi - The Second Colony after the Rain forest wars, and now the Largest Non Solar System planet that is under UFP Control. It has a population of 19,000,000 People.
  • Paris V - 10,000 People
  • Jericho VII - 5,000 People
  • Eridanus II - 1,002,000
  • Sigma Octanus IV - 7,000
  • Chi Ceti IV - 5,000
  • Biko - 17,000
  • Emerald Cove - 9,000
  • Harmony - 14,000
  • New Harmony - 16,000
  • Draco III - 5,000
  • Charybdis IX - 60,900
  • Minister - 14,000
  • Hydra System - 5,000
  • Gilgamesh - 6,000
  • Coral - 10,000
  • Tantalus - 12,000
  • Mamore - 21,000
  • Crystal - 19,000
  • Groombridge 34 System - 15,000
  • Far Isle - 5,000
  • Miridem - 5,000
  • Mariposa - 15,000
  • Ballast - 10,000

Their government is a republic led by a Council of Five, which preside over the United Federation of Planets (as the Earthers are called).


Harvest was an early renegade colony of Earth, formed by a group of civilians travelling in massive, 9 kilometer sleeper ships. They colonized the planet originally known as Gliese 581C, and now have a population of 500,000,000 and a small fleet of light ships, as well as several colonies:

  • Harvest (formerly known as Gliese 581 c ) - Most populated Harvest planet, home to 490,000,000 human people; the Tau have also begun to settle this world. Rocky planet, but has basically been terraformed by extensive plant injection. Capital world of the republic, Government seat in New New York.
  • New Constantinople (formerly known as Gliese 581 d ) - A large terrestrial planet with a population of 10,000,000. On it, besides the population, is a large military base (10,000 troops) and a scientific post (inside the base, basically for doing the exploring and checking out the life on the planet). A small starbase is in orbit (3 ships).
  • New Marseilles (formerly known as Gliese 581 B ) - Pretty useless gas planet, about the size of Neptune. Basically, this is only used for military training exercises. The government has toyed with the idea of probing the planet for strategic resources but has always been shot down because that the probe was way too expensive for the extremely low chance of finding resources.
  • Freedom Point - Large space station in the Beta Librae system, home to 15,000 people. It has its own economy (but is a part of Harvest's grand economy) and has the capability to defend itself.

Their technology used to be terrible, but the attempted attack on Harvet by the Earth fleet resulted in Harvest joining the Tau Empire, thus gaining protection and advanced technology.

Ragoon and Ulllaaat

The Ragoon and the Ulllaat are highly advanced peoples. Although they are seperate races they have found a way to coexist under the same government and on four different worlds.


The original capital world of the Rangoon people. It is home to a vast majority of Rangoo, but also has an Ulllaaat minority. It is recourse rich and has many mines, factories, and space docks. Though it is heavily industrialized, the people who live there can still find natural beauty and the air is always fresh and clean, thanks to the advanced scrubbers on the factories.


The original capital world of the Ulllaaat people. While it has an extremely large Ulllaaa majority, Rangoo can also be seen walking its streets. While not as industrialized as its Rangoo counterpart, it still has many space ports and is the chief exporter of starship fuel. Contact between the Rangoo and Ullaaa was first made here.


Oit is a recently colonized world. It was colonized to mark 1500 years of unity in the Society. It has many caves filled with titanium, a naturally occurring element on Oit. It currently only has a few settlements, each with populations a little under a million. Many poor and adventurous people are colonizing here hoping to hit the next major titanium vien, making them rich beyond their wildest dreams.


Gyuio was colonized to celebrate the formation of the Ragoon/Ulllaat alliance. It is a major military base. Being the prime research station, most of the surface is industrialized. Although the air is clean, it has a musty smell. A large Ulllaaat population lives here.


Rangea is the pantron saint of the Turanic Raiders who colonized this in the Aftermath of the Soc-Raider War. It's existence is classified and any chance of discovering it is slim-and-nil. It has a very large population of Turanics and a small population of Rangean.



-Rangoon: 2.33 Billion
-Ulllaaat: 780,000,000


-Rangoon: 340,000,000
-Ulllaaat: 3.76 Billion


-Rangoon: 15,000,000
-Ulllaaat: 17,000,000


-Rangoon: 5.78 Billion
-Ulllaaat: 6.34 Billion


-Turanic: 5 Billion
-Rangean: 2 billion



The Monarchy of the Society is very unique. The monarch is elected and reigns until he or she dies. Then a new monarch is elected by the people of the Society. In order to promote unity between the two races of the Society, only one race can run for the monarchy at a time.

The current monarch is a Rangoon by the name of King Ghia XI.

Monarchical Powers

The monarch has many powers:

-Declarations of War
-Instate new laws
-Order military to planets
-Commission more military units and spending
-Order new research
-Outlaw certain things

Parliament of Rites

The Parliament of Rites was commissioned in 56AU by King Kilia I, because he thought the monarchy had too much power.

The Parliament is designed to ensure that the monarch does not interfere with the rights of the Societies citizens. The parliament has an even number of Ulllaaat and Rangoon members.

The chairmen of the Parliament is always the species opposite the monarch.


-Oit Representative
-Reo Representative
-Huklio Representative
-Gyuio Representative

It consists of 50 members:


- Yth Kji(Chairman)(M)
- Asre Gjho (M)
- Drak Bel (M)
- Kio Hyu (F)
- Iuo Mhgy (M)
- Jukio Myuz (F) *Oit Representative*
- Mfro Noi (M)
- Weli Pol (M)
- Tfrio Fufio (M)
- Uoif Srfi (M)
- Dfrik Kree (M)
- Yuyu Hakisho (F)
- Jok Iok (F)
- Dra Srfi (M)
- Yjkhio Ghiuo (M)
- Frio Mhy (F)
- Sary Mjker (M)
- Jku Iop (M)
- Artu Irt (M)
- Loil Lo (F)
- Kyuioe Ue (M)
- Kji Ghu (M)
- Vio Dfre (M)
- Asdre Jui (M) *Gyuio Representative*
- Awes Pol (M)


- Gria Mkliop (M)
- Hyio Jku (M)
- Gru Huk (F)
- Joss Peck (M) *Reo Representative*
- Dert Iuoa (M)
- Lio Gyui (M)
- Vjyiu Kloi (F)
- Bryt Ne (F)
- Nwe Jgh (M)
- Ghia Forg (M) *Brother of the King*
- Klty Hgh (M)
- Aret Hbne (M)
- Aasd Iuo (M)
- Mui'oi Kui (M) *Huklio Representative*
- Euit Ju (M)
- Dri Kio (M)
- Ghkl Ui (F)
- Grpoi Afi (M)
- Dtroi Dirhjd (M)
- Groi Forkd (M)
- Gfroi Dep (M)
- Yui Opi (M)
- Rty Uy (M)

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