Game Based Learning Environments


Images courtesy of TPLD Ltd, University of Magdeburg, WHO.

Video, or computer, games are mentally highly immersive environments where the player is engrossed in the gameplay. The question has been regularly in recent years: can players learn anything useful from playing video games? This field is known by several names (serious games is another name) and involves researchers into and developers of video games.

This website brings together the work being done by a particular group in this field.

Academic Papers: GBLE

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Academic Papers: Video Games (General)

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News Pieces

Terdiman, D (23 Mar '06) What's wrong with serious games? web link



2006 Intuition International Workshop web site
2006 Serious Games Summitweb site


Researchers and Research Teams

University of Paisley web site - Thomas Connolly, Mark Stansfield, Daniel Livingstone, John N Sutherland

University of Magdeburg web site - Maic Masuch

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